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The greatest challenge we face is ourselves and the pressing evolution of a new level of Consciousness.

-The Global Center for Human Change

For anyone who cares about this world and their part in its future,


In 2010, conscious of the fact that our world was heading towards a collapse and dissatisfied with our human response to the challenges of the times, my wife and I moved to a remote Greek island.

I came here to listen deeply to know whether there was more I could see, more I could do, little realizing that, for the next 12 years, a download of insights and inner connection would transform me and transform the very nature of what I saw the human situation to be.

In 2015 I was invited to share my insights at the United Nations in New York with Ambassadors and High Level UN officers who were daily engaged in managing the global initiative to ‘To transform our world’ and restore it to a state of sustainability.

The message that had already formed in me was the integral whole of which the UN Goals were but a part: ‘Until we transform ourselves we cannot hope to transform the world’.


Scientists and Scholars across the fields of new discovery agreed that this was the message of our times emerging in the consciousness of all who were willing to step back and SEE afresh. 


There is even a NETFLIX Documentary about Richard and Joan.

Until we transform ourselves,

we cannot hope to transform the world.

Through this coherent ‘Template for Evolutionary Change’ our next steps on this planet are unfolded. Hailed by Scientists, Philosophers and Best Selling authors as a new paradigm for a new human response to a failing world… consciousness is key.

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Scientists and scholars across the fields of new discovery agreed that this was the message of our times.

The Global Center for Human Change  was formed to monitor and support the emergence of our next unfolding steps in the evolutionary story as Conscious World Citizens and to bring these new codes of living into the public domain through books, presentations and template frameworks.

It was established as a not for profit charity 501(c)(3) operating from New York in 2015.


We are pleased to bring you Conscious World Citizens, a project based on the work of Richard A. Bowell, a Philosopher and Author.  Buy the book and watch the videos.  Quite simply, every person needs to at least consider whether our current response to the breakdown of our world is enough and whether or not there is more we can do from another level in ourselves.

In the words of one of the most eminent philosophers of our times:

‘This excellent book is an integral meta perspective (that) is surely at the core of the next major evolutionary change now facing humanity’

- Ken Wilber about Richard’s book

The Unfolding of Evolutionary Change

The videos and podcasts are available FREE as an accompaniment to the book Conscious World Citizens.