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SEEING WHAT IS NEW is the single most important change process.

SEEING WHAT IS NEW is the single most important change process. 


We are so identified with ‘things’ in the world, we can name them and we thereby assume we have power over them, know them can manipulate the world according to our (limited) understanding of them but the evidence is quite the opposite.


The natural worlds and their functioning are largely unknown to us - we are only beginning to understand that the way we think has a resonance beyond ourselves into the world around us that determine what is possible for all life - as but one example.


The collective attitude about this world that asserts that certain things are now ‘alright’ to think and do by common consent, has made violence and conflict that begins in judgment and bias ‘acceptable’ - even normal. They are not.


The living archive of releases are stored here for you to immerse yourselves in and allow them to support change - but they cannot make change themselves - it is our process and immersion that makes the difference.



The place where the 12 years of listening took place - the gardens of the estate.


Richard and his wife are about to leave this ‘paradise on a Greek island’ as CNN and BBC called it - to go out into the world and share their work.


From this vantage point, form this still place where the Aegean Sea and tides come and go and the seasons change and the light is so clear and the air so clear… there are already signs of the breakdown we all witness.

One day on what we have viewed as a pristine beach, we noticed micro particles of plastic. We cleaned the area but now, everywhere we look the plastic pollution encroaches. It is time to dedicate our remaining years to support the human transformation in becoming Conscious World Citizens.

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